Automatic Bag Slitting Machine
The fully automatic nature of the Beltyne bag emptying machines make them the ideal choice for today's environmentally minded user.
The compact horizontal type bag emptying machines have been designed to handle a wide range of varying bag sizes containing powder or granular materials of a noxious or toxic nature, within a fully enclosed system to prevent atmospheric contamination.
The fully automatic bag slitting machine is of a compact design, incorporating automatic infeed conveyor, bag emptying unit, dust control unit and waste bag disposal. Models available handle from 100 to 600 bags per hour.
Automatic Bag Slitting Machine
Technical Specification
Machine Specification
Versatile - Can handle a wide range of differing bag sizes containing granules and powder materials. Automatic self-adjusting cutting action for varying bag sizes.
Safe and Clean - Works automatically in a fully enclosed system, reducing atmospheric pollution. Clean cutting action minimizes product contamination.
Durable - Quality construction and long blade life.
Easy to Operate - Effortless, trouble free processing.
Cost Effective - Low cost installation and maintenance.
All mild steel construction, stainless steel or other coatings optional.
Knife Drive Motor (2 off) 0.75Kw..
Main Drive Motor 1.5Kw.
Infeed Drive Motor 0.25Kw.
Fan Drive Motor 1.1Kw.
Motor and electrical specifications to suit client's requirements
Sack sizes up to 1200mm x 600mm x 280mm deep.
Throughput rates - up to 600 sack per hour depending on sack dimensions and material content.
Emptying efficiency - 99.9% - 99.5% depending on flowing characteristics of the material
Length including infeed conveyor - 2835mm.
Height including dust unit - 2600mm
Width including compactor tube - 2074mm
Approximate. weight 1300kg (including dust unit)
General Method of Operation
The operator loads the bags onto an integral powered horizontal infeed conveyor, which feeds the bags onto a retractable spike conveyor. This retains the bag during the cutting cycle.

Two rotary knife- cutting units automatically adjust to differing bag sizes and ensure the bag is cut cleanly on three sides, efficiently discharging the contents.As the bottom half of the bag is drawn around and under the spiked conveyor and an air facility is available to ensure maximum material recovery as it passes through the cutting stage.

During the bag transfer, the spikes retract and the empty bag is automatically ejected into the waste compactor, which compacts the bag into a plastic waste-receiving bag.
Morray Engineering Group, building quality equipment - in Britain
Morray Engineering Group, building quality equipment
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