Pneu Vac Lift
The Beltyne Pneu-Vac-Lift unit is a manually operated lifting device which has been ergonomically designed to eliminate operators fatigue and possible injuries relative to the handling of heavy or irregular loads.
One person operation.
Versatile. Lifts drums, sheet metal, boxes, barrels, sacks and other irregular loads.
Single twist grip hand control.
Control of rate of ascent/descent fitted as standard.
Several frame types available.
Low running cost.
Dust protected via in-line filter.
Several suction head designs to suit application.
Lift capacity up to 300kg.
Technical Specification
Suction head : Stainless Steel
Lifting Hose : Reinforced Plastic Tube
Main Frame Support : Mild steel (to suit application)
3.0Kw IP54 motor (depending on application. Other motor sizes available. Optionally flame proof.

General Method of Operation
The Pneu Vac-Lifts are manually operated using a suction head with flexible lifting tube. A single twist grip hand control allows the head to be positioned easily on the unit load, the suction is applied and allows the loads to be lifted and maneuvered either upwards, downwards, sideways or rotated through 360° for exact positioning requirements. The rate of descent and ascent of the unit is simply regulated by the twist grip.

Disconnection from the unit load is done quickly and easily. The unit is simple and safe to operate. If power is lost, the load will slowly lower to the floor. The unit can be suspended from overhead hoist, beams or mobile. Various type suction heads cater for different loads.

Automatic de-palletiser is available.

Floor Pillar mounted Pneu-Vac-Lift
Wall mounted Pneu-Vac-Lift

Morray Engineering Group, building quality equipment - in Britain
Morray Engineering Group, building quality equipment
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